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Why do we need Web Analytics

In Web Analytics, each solution and service is playing a pivotal role in Online Marketing space. Within Search Engine Marketing campaigns, firm's "investment" can, and must, be broken down to an extremely granular level in order to assess- and more relevantly – maximize, your results. Contemporarily, Majority of the enterprises are focusing on marketing effectiveness, reducing reasons of attrition of consumers, enhancing customer experience for competitive, and market intelligence. Web Analytics helps to gain behavioral insight through various solutions. The Web Analytics approaches help firms to scrutinize visitors' interaction and trends, which in turn helps them to encourage and endorse their marketing strategies or promotional campaigns . Consequently, the intensified focus on online marketing and ads campaigning and upsurging e-commerce is one of the major drivers for the Web Analytics market.

Chief characteristics of Web Analytics
  •   Measures and maximizes ROI
  •   Streamlining Marketing strategies
  •   Optimize conversions
  •   Large-scale customer support
  •   Identify Online revenue-enhancing opportunities

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