about us

Company Overview to succcess

Aayam Infotech Pvt. Ltd., established in 2006, later incorporated in 2010, is a burgeoning Information Technology company which provides IT products and services to its dedicated clientele and value added partners. We have embraced IT to its core while facilitating 360° solution in the purview of end to end business solutions that leverage technology to its sonorous extent. Our approach focuses on new ways of business coalescing innovative technology while fortifying our competitiveness in the milieu of its zenith.

In today's competitive scenario, we believe each and every client has their own perception about business and that paves way for new ambience, new priorities and latest technological advancement. Technology is just an architect. Most often than not, organizations fails to understand that the real asset lies in intellectual and industry expertise. Yet fell prey to the claws of burn out, firms investing their quality time by cracking to do everything on their own and overlooking integral core areas. We serve them with latest and cutting edge solutions complementing their needs and ever changing business dynamics.

Aayam Infotech offers gamut of products and solutions across sectors like Manufacturing, Telecommunication, PSU, Private Sector Undertakings, Healthcare , educational institutions and many more to name a few here. We enrich our clients with streamlined, cost-effective and contemporary offerings.

Our Mission

Felicitating convergence between Innovation and Technology by synchronizing reliance and value.

Our Professionalism

An approach to work that is informed, knowledge-based and is demonstrated by thoroughness, competence, flexibility, dependability and efficiency.

Our Vision

Being an instrumental catalyst in Information Technology, We positions Aayam Infotech on the wings of Global fraternity.

Our Commitment

We offers a full range of IT-oriented professional services for corporate as well as individuals. Each IT service is provided by a team of dedicated and highly trained IT professionals.

Customer Focus

Sustaining commitment to the highest standards and levels of quality, service and excellence to all our customers.

Our Teamwork

Nurturing a culture of collaboration and resource sharing in pursuit of business objectives.